[POEM] Sky & Sea – #051813


[Poem] Beneath The Black And White (#090712)

Poem – Untitled #050113

Apollinaire Poem Illustration – “An Unlikely Artist”

An Unlikely Artist [POEM]

Phoenix Rise (POEM) – Untitled #032912

“Petals of Oleander” – Untitled #011213 – (Poem)

“As Night Falls” (poem)

Untitled #021212 – “The Perfect Vessel” (poem)

his body a ship her soul a sail The Perfect Vessel to brave the gale  image source: http://toddkumpf.com/index.php?id=capt_log 

Untitled #120612 – “Lying alone along cracked pavement”

Lying alone along cracked pavement Face-to-Face with faded broken yellow lines Patiently waiting in the city street   For a train that may never come. ~ Antonio A. Lenyear