Scribe Jon Vitti Flocks to Sony’s ‘Angry Birds’

Angry Birds Cartoon Comes To TV Advertisements

What Hemingway Can Teach You About Web Writing

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William Faulkner once said, “[Hemingway] has never been known to use a word that might send a reader to the dictionary.” Hemingway responded: “Poor Faulkner. Does he really think big emotions come from big words?” No surprise here if you’ve read my review of The Sound And The Fury, but I…

Nudity is bad, violence is okay. REALLY??

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Photo from Microsoft Free Images By Kenneth Growing up in an evangelical Christian environment I always noticed two profound things about their view of movies; nudity is bad, violence is okay. If you didn’t read my article about breastfeeding in public or nudity in film, this is an extension of…

we are butterflies / noi siamo farfalle / noi suntem fluturi

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  we are worms in the wound called Earth, we are butterflies caught in the spider web, dial of sky grizzled butterflies … and the mirrors hypocritical show us the majestic owners of this Earth … by at birth we have engraved in us the death as a barcode…

“Facebook Feelings” – My CNU Captain’s Log Newspaper Article #2

View Original: Be honest: How many times have you logged into a computer and subconsciously, within seconds, logged into Facebook? You are not alone. Sometimes you just can’t escape a bad day. They can leave you in a cloudy headspace with seemingly no escape. Often you have no choice but to suck it up … Continue reading

“My Strange Addiction” – My CNU Captain’s Log Newspaper Article #3 The nature of addiction is an interesting one. While some indulge in caffeine and sweet treats, others obsess with cleanliness and fitness or crave technology, gossip, work, laughter—even affection or conversation. While it holds a common, clinical connotation of misuse and abuse, our American culture has somewhat desensitized the word and birthed an alternative … Continue reading

My CNU Captain’s Log Article #1 – “Google looks to add social networking site”

Google looks to add social networking site by Antonio Lenyear On June 28, Google Inc. launched a new social networking service, Google+, in a beta testing phase, so only those with invitations could join the site. After only four weeks, the social media site had amassed 25 million users. Associate Professor of Media Studies, Dr. … Continue reading