Nudity is bad, violence is okay. REALLY??

Well-written observations and critical thinking. All the ingredients for Dopeness.

Culture Monk

By Kenneth

Growing up in an evangelical Christian environment I always noticed two profound things about their view of movies; nudity is bad, violence is okay.

If you didn’t read my article about breastfeeding in public or nudity in film, this is an extension of those two.

At what point in our society did watching a dude kill a zillion people on film become okay for little Susie, but if a girl shows a little boobage on film it will end up traumatizing little Johnny for life?

I’ve never really understood this rationale.

I should probably add a disclaimer that I’m not endorsing graphic gratuitous sexuality in film, there is definitely a point where it can go from being art to being nothing more than objectification and a way in which Hollywood elites (mainly men) suppress the female gender.

I’ve always been uncomfortable with the way our society has…

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