Beyonce Battles Diva Doppelgangers In ‘Mirrors’ Pepsi Ad

“Embrace your past but live for now.”  #BeyHereNow

A sip of Pepsi embarks Beyonce Knowles on a dance-filled journey of discovery. Although some argue it a vanity project, the film spot boasts a bold message to all: Remember the Past, Recognize the Present, and Revel in the Future. 

In this promotion for her upcoming single, ‘Grown Woman’, and advert for Pepsi, the American recording artist crosses paths with past incarnations of her diva identity that together meld several styles of dance creating a sultry routine.

Frustrated with preparing choreography for a new song, Beyonce’s commercial-character receives surprise help through a little competition from her diva doppelgangers.

A taunting, powder-pink smirk and ‘smize’ from her Bootylicious persona appears first. Wearing a cupid-pink, two-piece waist and bosom clinging ensemble that accentuates her toned-stomach, she sensuously exposes her right-arm and left-leg while draping the remainder. Released while front-woman of the all-female R&B trio ‘Destiny’s Child’, The 2001 ‘Bootylicious’ single celebrated curves, voluptuousness, and vivacious-va va voom bodies everywhere; eventually earning the coined term a place in the Oxford English Dictionary in 2004.

Next, Queen B confronts her “Crazy in Love” character sporting spicy red heels, thigh-high denim shorts and white tank top. The 2003 debut song and video from the same-titled first studio album catapulted her solo career collaborating with then alleged flame and now husband: rapper Shawn ‘Jay-Z’ Carter.

J-setting in a black, one-sleeve leotard with sleek voluminous hair, heavy black eyeliner and mechanical hand, Ms. Knowles receives her final blast-from-the-past guest. Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It) showcased her Sasha Fierce alter ego leaping from the  singer’s 3rd studio album “I Am… Sasha Fierce” to climb various domestic and international music charts. The 2008 single shattered pop-culture stratospheres being parodied by fans, covered by artist, and homaged in various media outlets across the world innumerable times.

In closing seconds, the camera zooms-and-pans revealing more mirrors and career moments that members of the BeyHive will surely remember. Lastly, she shatters her mental and mirror reflections with a final dance move in an implied motion of moving forward.

How many moments can you spot? Are you proud of who you were?

Feeling any Déjà vu? This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Beyonce do Pepsi publicity.

Here she joins fellow pop singers Britney Spears and Pink in defying evil Roman Emperor Enrique Iglesias singing Queen’s “We Will Rock You”:

Pepsi also sponsored part of Beyonce’s Super Bowl XLVII Halftime Show, with a 30-second crowdsourced video.

The new 2013 spot is part of Pepsi’s Live For Now Campaign featuring other popular artists such as UK vocal harmony group (i.e. Boy Band) One Direction.

Watch for her new single release “Grown Woman” on  April 8th. In the meantime, Check-out Buzz-Feed’s “47 of Beyonce’s Best Dance Moves”, the HBO Beyonce Documentary ‘Life is but a Dream’, a trailer for the animated film “Epic” featuring her voice acting, or her cover of late-singer Amy Winehouse’s Back to Black in the new film trailer for the Great Gatsby. (She sure is one busy B.)

Behind the Scenes of Beyonce’s ‘Mirrors’ Pepsi Ad:


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