2012: Another Chapter. Another Chance. Another New Year.

REMEMBER the past. RECOGNIZE the present. REVEL in the future.

REMEMBER the Past. RECOGNIZE the Present. REVEL in the Future

Ups and Downs. Failure and Success. Beginnings and Endings. More To Come.

As the door closes and seals tight on 2011, a second swings wide-open for 2012. A world of possibilities and written destinies coexist simultaneously in a convex of life and endless excitement. Just when you think things can’t get much better (or worse) they do. Change is inevitable. We cannot change our past but we can shape our future.

This blog is one of my new things for 2012. A way to document my life, voice my thoughts, share with friends, family and supporters and reach out to others that share the same interest or care to hear my story. It will (hopefully) evolve over time as I release vlogs via my youtube and livestream accounts. and incorporate this entire integrated multimedia expereince. You’ll see my own creative products, links to other external sites and talk about it all: technology, books, gaming, pop culture, music, videos, poetry, film, history, entertainment. (I’ll try and keep it organized and focused. Maybe develop separate blogs.)

With that said, Welcome to 2012; and welcome to my blog. May our journey be a pleasant one.

BEFORE YOU GO, Check out one of my favorite parts of the end of every year:

DJ Earworm “World Go Boom” (Mash-up of some of 2011 years top pop songs.)

Free “World Go Boom” MP3 Download: http://djearworm.com/

——=======  QUESTIONS For You (Comment or  Just Think About It.)  =====———-

1) Whats your biggest transformation or success of 2011?

2) What do you hope to accomplish or experience in 2012?

3) Favorite song(s), film(s) or book(s) of 2011?

4) Any book, film or album are you looking forward to in 2012?

5) Are New Years resolutions important? What are some unique ones you have or heard of?


Thoughts? Speak Your Mind.

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